If you have a cat or dog—or multiples of each—we don’t have to tell you that pet hair all over the floor is a constant issue. Early-generation robot vacuums often clogged and jammed on pet hair, but newer models, particularly those made with animal-lovers in mind, do a great job keeping your floors tidy, even when it seems like your pet is trying his best to muss them up!

You can’t get better than the latest iteration of the one that started it all. Packed with functionality and connectivity, plus genius touches like rubber bristles to pick up cat and dog fur. iRobot

The kind of floor you will be using the robot vacuum to clean is important when choosing the right one for you. Some vacuums are made specifically for cleaning hard floors, while others are made for carpet. If you are going to be running it on both carpeted and hard floors, you’ll want one specifically made to clean both. Generally, a vacuum that will do well on both will have higher suction power, which is also a huge positive for pet owners.

Short enough to easily slide under chairs, couches and beds, this model is less than 3 inches high. eufy

The amount of noise made by the vacuum is also important for pet owners, since many cats and dogs aren’t fond of loud robot vacuum cleaners streaking through the house bumping into things. While some are as loud as traditional vacuums, others are much quieter and make a better choice.

Runs for 90 minutes on a single charge. iRobot

If you want a vac that targets especially dirty areas in your home—say, the spot where your cat lounges in the sun, or the area where your pup likes to drag his kibble to—look for one with a dirt detecting or mess-targeting feature. Each robot vacuum maker has a different name for this technology, but in general, these units use sensors to tell them when there’s more dust, grime and detritus so they will slow down and spend more time in that area.

Also Consider:

A smart, connected unit that can be controlled with a phone app or your Google Assistant or Alexa device. eufy

This model has a self-cleaning roller brush to keep pet hair (and human hair) from wrapping around it. Shark