A few things to consider before adding any of these to your cart: How much counter or cupboard space do you have to store them? How much salt or pepper do you need them to hold? And how important is the look to you?

Top knob lets you switch from a small, fine sprinkle to larger bits. Amazon

Most salt and pepper shakers are made to house regular white table salt and ground black pepper. But if you opt for grinders instead, you can fill them with pink Himalayan salt or sea salt, plus whatever peppercorns you prefer. The resulting spices will tend to be fresher and more flavorful than the already-ground kind.

Charming Design

These robin’s egg cuties would make an adorable addition to anyone’s table. Amazon

Consider size before settling on your new shakers. A larger pair makes sense in the kitchen, near the stove, where you’ll likely use them most. While a small set should probably stay on the table or breakfast bar, since they’ll be used more sparingly and won’t need to be filled as often.

Smart Style

Pulverize fresh spices with the press of a button. Amazon

Electronic grinders can handle more than just sea salt and peppercorns. Feel free to fill them with other dried herbs you use often, such as oregano, dill or thyme.

French Farmhouse

Chip-proof enamel finish in eight charming colors. Le Creuset

Any shaker can add flavor to your food—but sometimes the set you choose is more about the addition it will make to your decor.