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Is there a more neglected part of any outfit than shoelaces? Since footwear typically comes with eyelets already in place, laces are one less fashion choice we’re forced to make when buying a pair of shoes. But there’s more to shoestrings than just keeping footwear securely in place. Although we have to replace them when they’re old and worn, getting a new pair can also be purely a fashion decision. You can use them to give old shoes a new look, or you can jazz up a monochromatic outfit by switching from basic black, white or gray shoelaces to a colored pair. In addition to choosing hues that suit you, your clothes, and, of course, your shoes, there are a few other things to consider before lacing up with a new pair.

These come in 12 different colors, and they are stretchable for easy fit.
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How long should your shoelaces be? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your shoe size. The length of laces actually corresponds to the number of eyelets in your shoes—the more eyelets, the longer the shoelace should be. This information is usually included in the packaging, but if it’s not, you can find plenty of eyelets-to-inches charts online to help you out.

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The drawstring closure makes these easier to pull through the eyelets of your footwear. DELELE

Possibly the most annoying thing about shoelaces is their tendency to sometimes come undone when you’re walking or running. This can be avoided by getting a waxed pair that will stay tight for long periods of time. These are especially ideal for sports footwear. Waxed shoelaces are also easier to pull through the eyelets, they’re protected from fraying and breaking, and they are easier to grip when you’re tying them up. 

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These come with anchors to lock them firmly in place so you can just slide on your footwear and go.

If you’ll be wearing your shoes mainly for everyday life, you might want a pair of laces that allow you to easily put on and take off your shoes. Elastic laces are fairly secure while giving your feet more room to move around in shoes. They might keep your footwear too loose for heavy physical activities, but they offer greater flexibility and comfort when performing low-energy activities like walking in the park or running errands around town.