A gravity feeder works the way it sounds—with gravity! As food or water in the bowl runs low, the reserves get triggered to release more. Easy-peasy.

Cutout side handles make this two-in-one bundle easy to lift without spilling; non-skid rubber feet keep the bottles securely in place when they’re stationary. AmazonBasics

An extra-wide mouth not only makes food and water bottles easy to fill, but it also makes them much easier to hand-wash. Some models are dishwasher-safe, but read the instructions before using a machine.

With a 1-gallon capacity for liquid, 6 pounds for solids, this compact, less clunky option is ideal for little animals. AmazonBasics

The upside to transparent bottles is that they allow you to eyeball food and water levels, so you’ll always know when to refill. And even if you have a more minimalist design sensibility, the convenience of the function outweighs the form.

This BPA-free option is a space saver, even in its biggest size. It comes with a dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl that locks into place for spill-free use. PetSafe

Because gravity feeders release kibble into the bowl when it’s running low, they’re best for pets who stop eating when they’re full. If your four-legged friend tends to binge with unrestricted access to food, look to a small-capacity feeder.