Move on from the ubiquitous black roller bag and find something better. Let us help.

Durable trio built to take a licking. Samsonite

The typical roller bag is made of a thick textile with give and flexibility. But if you want more protection for the items inside, look for a hard-case set made of aluminum or polycarbonate.

Lightweight construction with stylish, color-contrasting design elements. Steve Madden

If you’re going to invest in a full set of luggage, it makes sense to buy one that has you fully covered with an under-seat “personal item” bag, a carry on that fits in overhead bins and a larger bag for checking.

Lightweight polyester collection that also comes in blue, red, purple and a floral print. American Tourister

Poke around and you can find some decent, name-brand matching luggage sets for less than the cost of one fancy dinner out. Be sure to look for a solid warranty and return policy just in case the item doesn’t meet your needs.

Comes in more than two dozen colors and prints, from conservative plum to construction orange, and solids to zebra stripes. Rockland

Anyone who’s ever brought a black roller bag to the airport knows how tough it can be to spot your stuff on a baggage carousel. Solve that issue by going with something bolder. Bright colors and prints are easiest to spot, but even a solid dark blue or violet will stand out in a sea of black.

Extremely lightweight, but durable. American Tourister

For the ultimate in maneuverability, look for cases with spinner wheels that can move in any direction. That allows you to push the luggage rather than pull it behind you when it’s more convenient, and makes it easier to manage multiple bags.