Whether you want to line your windows, your hedges or or headboard, there’s a string of purple twinkly lights for you.

These sun-charged twinklers automatically switch on at night and off in the morning. Joomer

String lights are powered in different ways. Plug-ins will need to be near an electrical outlet or extension cord, while battery-operated lights can go anywhere you need them to be (as long as there’s a spot to hide the little battery box). For outdoor lights, solar-powered is many folks’ first choice—no electricity or battery costs!

Each panel is about 6 feet wide and nearly 10 feet long. Comes in five different colors. Twinkle Star

One fairly recent innovation in string lights is the curtain light, where long strings of small bulbs hang off of a “curtain rod”-style main cord. These can be used to frame an outdoor pergola, light up the inside of a large living room window or even act as a sparkly headboard behind your bed.

You can link up to five of these 66-foot-long cords for a total of more than 100 yards of decorating power. Twinkle Star

Most string lights can do at least do things: A solid glow, and an off-and-on blink. But if you’re craving a little more flash, look for a set that can do more: Waves, sequential glow, slow fades and more.