Sparkling Water Makers to Elevate Your Drinks

These devices are the easiest way to introduce a bit of fizz into your life.

Carbonated water occurs naturally when underground water moves through certain types of rock, creating carbon dioxide. The quicker way to get to the fizz, however, is by artificially adding the gas to still water. Scientists first worked out how to do as far back as the mid-1700s—and now, 300 years later, you can do it on your own kitchen counter.

Compact Size

This device is powered by carbon dioxide alone—no electricity or batteries needed. It comes in classic black or white, plus aqua blue and white with rose gold accents. SodaStream

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No matter what soda machine you buy, getting the fizz in your water requires a canister of carbon dioxide. A single canister should carbonate around 60 liters of water. You can buy refills outright, or exchange your empty bottles for new ones at houseware and home improvement stores for a savings. Some users prefer to refill their canisters themselves, using a larger tank of carbon dioxide meant for paintball guns and an adapter.

The Complete Kit

With two gas canisters, three carbonating bottles and two bottles of flavor concentrate, this all in one pack has everything you need to make up to 120 liters of fizzy drinks. SodaStream

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When it comes to homemade soda and seltzer, if you have a sparkling water maker, you can make a huge range of different drinks. Everything from colas and tonic waters to lemonades and ginger beers are an option, thanks to a wide range of concentrates and syrups on offer. Do ensure that you add these to the water after it’s been carbonated as using these sugary liquids with the machine can gum them up.

For the Connoisseur

This elegant and durable device is made from a single piece of stainless metal. Note: Gas canisters must be purchased separately. Aarke

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While choosing your new soda machine, consider the bottles you’ll need. Different machines require different sizes and shapes of receptacles to hold your fizzy water—there’s no universal fit. Most come with at least one bottle included, usually plastic. But if you’re going to make and drink a lot of seltzer or soda, or if you prefer stainless steel over plastic, you may want to order extras. Factor these into the total price of your unit to see if it makes sense for you.