Swimming Pool Games for Tons of Family Fun

How to make pool time even better? Add in some sports!

There’s something sort of equalizing about a pool game, because when you’re all bobbing in the water, it doesn’t really matter who is taller. And while one of you might be stronger, the other might be more agile. Either way, whether you’re looking to work out a bit of friendly competition, or simply want a bit of leisurely throwing and catching, try one of these pool games.

Fills with liquid for neutral buoyancy—that means it won’t pop up if you want to play with it below the surface. Watermelon Ball

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Inflatable balls are always a great time in the pool. One that fills up with water, rather than air, can be thrown above the pool’s surface or passed underwater—perfect for pool football, basketball or a sport of your own invention!

With a sturdy frame, this complete set contains all you need for an aquatic version of everyone’s favorite court sport. Swimline

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With zero assembly time, an inflatable basketball hoop will keep the whole family entertained. Some models even come with electric pumps to save time. Pick your teams (or opt for one-on-one) and you’re ready to go—you can even play multiple games at the same time.

Whether you like to spike, dunk or shoot, this blow up kit offers two for the price of one fun. JOYIN

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If you want to try to keep everyone happy, you need multiple options. Look for a combination kit—many contain a basketball hoop and ball, but also a volleyball net. Use individually or let your imagination run wild and combine the two for a unique game with your own rules. Great for keeping two of you occupied, even better for pool parties.