Teething can be painful for little ones, causing gum tenderness, irritability, and even a low-grade fever in some cases. But a fun, colorful teething toy can help keep little ones occupied, soothe that urge to chew, and help encourage those tiny teeth to emerge.

Babies all over the world can agree: a fun teether that doubles as a best friend—one that can stand up to chewing, twisting, squeaking and of course, lots of hugs—is always a great option.


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When babies put toys in their mouths, they’re not just trying to relieve pain: they’re learning as well, exploring the world through their mouths. Look for a teething toy with different surfaces that will keep little ones engaged and ease teething pain at the same time.

Lots of baby teething toys are made of silicone, since it’s BPA free and strong enough to stand up to the most eager biter. If your baby starts teething early, look for a silicone teething toy with a ring or handles for an easy grip that’s similar to a pacifier.