Three Genres Perfect for Binge-Watching

Whether you prefer classic television shows or epic movies, there are collections that will keep you glued to your big screen.

Binge-watching isn’t always about couch-surfing. With a little creativity you can dress up like the characters, quote whole scenes of dialog, and turn the watching into a family happening that will be talked about for years to come. Plan your event around one of these classic comedies, adventures, or fantasies, and see where it leads!

Comedy Classic

All 10 seasons will be there for you…when the rain starts to fall. Amazon

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If you’re of a certain age you grew up with Friends, and its characters, and if you’re not, here’s a great way to appreciate what you missed. It’s not for smaller kids, and it might take a few days to get through all 236 episodes but settle in–this DVD set has it all!

The Saga Concludes

The unrivaled epitome of adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Amazon

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With the opening notes of John Williams’ soundtrack every Star Wars fan is ready to settle into the latest story in the franchise, and The Rise of Skywalker will not disappoint. From here, it’s not hard to figure what’s next to watch!

Accio, Binge Day!

You get all eight films in the beloved series. Amazon

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Harry Potter defines the fantasy genre, and this complete collection belongs in every fan’s TV room. Whether you identify as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, watching this complete series will transform your TV room into a family Quidditch field.