One of the greatest icebreakers ever is the question “So, what have you been reading lately?” It opens up a world of possibilities for things to connect with and talk about. And if the answer is “well, nothing really,” here are a few great mysteries to try.

Crisp Writing

Suspenseful and extremely well written, this work is on many ‘must read’ lists. Jeanine Cummins

This New York Times bestseller and Oprah Winfrey Book Club pick has generated some controversy among critics, but tackling some of our toughest cultural issues, American Dirt is a real page-turner.

A Terrific Murder Mystery

This novel set in the Carolina swamplands is sure to please. Delia Owens

Published in August 2018, Where the Crawdads Sing has skyrocketed in popularity and critical reviews. A New York Times Bestseller with over six million copies sold, this classic female Horatio Alger story has more plot twists than a red Twizzler and is a ‘whodunit’ besides.

An NPR ‘Best Book’

This work explores the powerful bond between two siblings reconciling with their past. Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett’s eighth novel is a family-based “mystery” that looks, not into crimes, but into the seemingly small decisions parents make that have rippling consequences. It follows a pair of siblings as they navigate increasingly difficult waters when their father dies. The house in which they grew up plays a pivotal role in a novel that is authentic, lyrical and deeply moving.