Three Picture Frame Styles Perfect for the Home or Office

No matter what style you choose to decorate your home or office, there’s a picture frame perfectly suited to display life’s memorable moments.

Even in an age where the vast majority of photos we take never see the first dot of ink on paper, there are still a few special images we want to honor in a traditional medium. Vertical or horizontal picture frames with or without a mat give a bit of warmth and personal touch to any space. If you are just starting to decorate or design an interior, keep it simple with any of these options.

Classic Look

Whether you prefer rustic or contemporary furniture and accents, a simple black picture frame compliments nearly anything. AmazonBasics


A metal or wood frame finished in solid black complements any décor. Black frames add sophistication and elegance to a setting, and they work with any image, from artsy black-and-white landscapes to family portraits.

Sturdy Design

A warm-toned frame is great for outdoors scenes or portraits. RPJC


For a warmer or more rustic look, solid-wood picture frames are a great accent in any room. Look for a frame selection that is available in a variety of wood finishes to achieve exactly the tone you are looking for.

Different Sizes

A matching bunch if great for displaying various scenes from a specific moment. Giftgarden


Once you know the design direction you are taking, multi-frame sets make it easy to repeat it throughout the space for a consistent motif. Choose a set of frames that can be either mounted on a wall or displayed on a tabletop to achieve variety within the interior.