Three Reasons to Get a Bath Pillow

Taking a brief nap in your bathtub is a luxury you may be missing out on.

Do you love taking baths but find yourself unable to get comfortable in the tub? There’s a quick and easy way to solve that problem: get a bath pillow. This little piece will bring a whole new level of luxury to your bath experience, if you can find one that has a few key features. Things like neck support, pressure pain relief, and slippage-free material provide the ultimate comfort, but here are a few other things to keep in mind as you shop.

Bubble Bath Companion

This design should make your body feel relaxed and comfortable. KANDOONA

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Have you ever sat in an airplane seat or car seat that felt like it had zero support for your neck? Yeah, it is far from fun or comfortable. Sitting or lying in a bathtub that has no neck support is arguably even less comfortable. Look for a bath pillow that has more than just a flat headrest and had something that supports your head and neck from the sides as well. Get a bath pillow that’s contoured but firm to avoid getting a stiff neck.

Cloud of Softness

This one has 3D ventilation for constant circulation, and it dries fast. Bath Haven

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Baths are meant to relieve stress, but with the help of a bath pillow, a bath can also relieve built-up pressure in your muscles or joints. Some bath pillows are designed to tackle a specific stitching style or to support joints and muscles to help keep soreness at bay. If you have a specific injury or muscle group around the shoulders, neck, or head that’s particularly annoying, look for a pillow that’s designed to target those areas to help relieve some of the pain or discomfort.

Stays in Place

This one’s minimalist design is perfect for chic, modern bathrooms. Gorilla Grip

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Your bath can turn from relaxing to annoying pretty quickly if you have a bath pillow that keeps slipping down. However, if there are a few suction cups on your pillow, you can keep slippage from happening. That is especially true when a pillow comes with suction cups placed at key points of contact.