Three Ways Doggie Treats Can Make Your Pet Happier and Healthier

Rewarding you’re your pets with treats is a good way to encourage good behavior and let them know you care.

Dog treats are a human’s way of telling a dog it is loved, it did something good, or even that something is expected of it. While many dog owners use treats to reinforce good behavior, others give their dogs treats just because they like to see them happy. Some treats serve a purpose, like cleaning a dog’s teeth and freshening its breath. Regardless of when or why you give your dog treats, it is important to make sure snacks are nutritious.

Dental Chews

These natural dental dog treats help keep dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. Greenies

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Doggie dental chews are important for more than just making your pooch have a beautiful smile. According to veterinarians, dogs can suffer from periodontal disease just like people can. Additionally, dental problems can cause loss of appetite and broken or lost teeth—even damage to organs if bacteria enters the bloodstream through the gums. Take heart, though. Dogs that chew actively experience less plaque buildup. And some types of canine dental treats have been proven to reduce plaque by nearly 70 percent. Dental chews also frequently alleviate bad breath in dogs, which often is caused by bacteria built up in the mouth.

Flavored Snacks

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It’s a rare dog that doesn’t love a treat now and then. And since treats can be used to encourage or discourage some canine behavior, they can be considered a training tool, also. When choosing treats for your dog, it is important to keep the treats small. If you’re using the treats to reinforce behavior, quickly eaten treats help the dog continue focusing on the matter at hand. If you’re giving a treat just because you love your dog, smaller is still better since his regular diet should already provide the nutrients needed for him to thrive. Still, choosing nutritious treats is critical, since your dog doesn’t need a bunch of empty calories. Choosing fragrant, tasty treats that are also nutritious will ensure your dog enjoys his snack or reward even more.

Long-Distance Love

This remote camera lets you monitor your dog while you are away from the house and toss it a treat from wherever you are. Petcube

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your four-legged companion a treat or two even when you’re not around? The answer is, of course, “yes,” and, believe it or not, you can. Some remote dog monitoring systems will allow you to dispense a treat to your dog from your classroom, office, vehicle, or anywhere else you spend time away from your pooch. Most use WiFi cameras, are able to zoom and many even allow your dog to hear you talking to it. Some even have real-time pet activity monitoring to tell you when your pet is active, and you need to check in. These units are the next best thing to being there and getting to give your dog a healthy, nutritious treat in person.