Three Ways Mini Amplifiers Can Help You Build a Cheap, Amazing Stereo System

Small machines, big sound.

It used to be that building a stereo was expensive and finicky. Who wants to mess with receivers, bare speaker wires and endless buttons and knobs and switches? To take their place, another product has quietly been ramping up: mini amps.

Easy Installation

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Mini amps take advantage of the miniaturization and vast reduction in cost of audio equipment. You can get a quality digital sound card for super cheap, and it can be really small. That’s led to a proliferation of mini amps: they include just the basics, they’re tiny, they’re cheap and yet they sound astoundingly good. Even audiophiles rave about the sound you can get out of these things. There’s no contest, comparing a setup with a mini amp to a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar: a mini amp stereo system will create louder, richer, deeper, clearer sound, every time.

Wireless Connection

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These amps typically include connections for stereo speakers: just two classic bookshelf speakers, which you connect via standard speaker wire. These speakers can get expensive, if you want them to, or you can find a used pair that’ll still sound great. Unlike with a soundbar or portable Bluetooth speaker, you can plug ‘em right into a mini amp.

Three Input Options

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These mini amps will also have a standard 3.5mm jack—that’s a headphone jack, pretty much the universal input at this point. So you can plug them right into your TV, your computer, your phone or a smart hub like an Amazon Echo Dot. Basically, a mini amp is everything you need a full-on, high-class stereo to be—and on a budget.