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Whether it’s because of the rise of commercial café chains or advances in home-brewing appliances, most people have gotten persnickety about their coffee. The good news is that you can now start every day at home with just about any caffeinated delicacy available at even the trendiest LA restaurant (“I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half-caff with a twist of lemon”). From barista-quality espresso machines to the humble drip brewer, these countertop coffee machines will help you start every day tastefully.

Pro Quality

This coffeehouse-grade baby is expensive but worth it if you’re picky about quality. Breville

Espresso machines are expensive. But for true java aficionados, the ability to turn your own kitchen into a cozy café serving perfect latte, cappuccino, or mocha is worth the price of admission.

Easy to Use

This one does everything from start to finish, ensuring the freshest java every time. KRUPS

For less-demanding coffee habits, the tried-and-true drip brewer works just fine. It’s also more affordable than an espresso machine. Models with a sealed bean hopper and built-in grinder make brewing perfect coffee as simple as pushing a button.


A 48-ounce water reservoir means you have a long time between refills. Keurig

Perhaps the biggest advance in home brewing technique in the past decade is the development of coffee pods. Just pop in a premeasured pod, start the brew, and enjoy a single serving of Joe in about a minute.