Toddler Diapers for Your Growing Kiddo

This stage of life requires a slightly different diaper!

Your toddler has changed so much since that precious newborn phase. Now, they’re all about moving their bodies as much as possible, and trying new things all by themselves—including potty training! Here are three toddler diapers that are made to handle this new phase of life.

All Around Stretch

Provides protection for up to 12 hours and features a “wetness indicator” that changes color. Huggies

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As your toddler learns to walk, they’ll really start to ramp up the exercise! As this happens, expect them to lose a bit of that baby fat you’ve kissed so many times. Longer, leaner, on-the-go bodies need diapers that conform and flex with your little one.

Graphics Fade When Wet

An associated app with compatible smart speakers will help to positively reinforce toilet training with their favorite animated characters. Huggies

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Potty training is a hallmark milestone of toddlerhood. Toddler diapers that your little one can pull up and down are a great start when you’re introducing the potty.


A secure close and adjustable fit ensures they stay in place. Pampers

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It’s not long into the toddler stage that your little one learns to whip that diaper right off, which is not exactly convenient for you. Opt for a brand with a secure closure for greater confidence that your toddler will actually still be wearing a diaper after nap time.