Toddler slides may stand only a few feet tall, but they can provide hours of entertainment for little ones. Look for ones with durable design, and consider ones with add-ons that can provide other entertainment beyond “up” and “down.” Here’s what to consider when buying a toddler slide.

Folds to Flat

Three feet long, this model is designed for younger children. The unit collapses when you’re not using it, so you can stow away easily. Little Tikes

A plastic slide can give you ultimate flexibility when it comes to indoor or outdoor use. If you’re living in a small space, consider one that can fold to flat so it can be stored in a closet or under a bed for a rainy day. And even though toddler slides may be small, it’s always smart to make sure toddlers are supervised and to keep track of age limits. Older kids beyond the height or weight limit can be injured using toddler toys incorrectly.

Imaginations Run Wild

Multiple pieces allow busy pre-schoolers to arrange their set in any way they can think to do so. Wipes clean and encourages gross motor development. Factory Direct Partners

A build-your-own soft structure provides many ways to play. Younger kids can safely slide and explore the soft surfaces, while older kids can create obstacle courses and challenges. Soft structures may require some upkeep—it’s a good idea to wipe down surfaces regularly and have kids play shoe-free.

So Many Features

Provides toddlers with lots of ways to play; durable material works in playrooms and outdoors. Costzon

If you have the space, consider a play structure that provides multiple ways to play. A slide with an attached basketball hoop or swing can keep several kids busy, and also allows for different-aged kids to use the structure. Before you buy, it’s always a smart idea to consider just how long setup will take. Reading the directions and having necessary tools on hand can make initial construction a snap.