Toolboxes to Hold All Your Home Improvement Supplies

Keep your tools—and your home projects—organized.

There’s a scene in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation when resident manly man Ron Swanson discovers his coworker Andy’s “toolbox”: a plastic grocery store bag featuring a hammer, a Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge and a flashlight filled with jelly beans. You don’t want this to happen to you—and a great first step is to invest (not even that much money!) in a good-quality, well-organized toolbox.

With a huge amount of storage, this product also has a weight capacity of 44 pounds. DEWALT

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There are several broad categories of toolboxes. Some, which often come with tools, have custom-made cutouts to store specific items, like one model of drill or screwdriver. These are neatly organized, but can be trouble if you replace or add tools later. There are also empty, more general toolboxes—some designed to be carried as a tote, some much larger, some that are stationary and some that can be wheeled around like a suitcase.

With a long, sturdy, metal handle, this box is made to be carried. DEWALT

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Toolboxes have varying amounts of organization within them. Many will have removable levels to separate, for example, power tools from non-power tools; these look sort of like elaborate fishing tackle storage boxes. This design is ideal for keeping you organized and avoiding the classic problem of “a whole bunch of Allen wrenches that came with Ikea furniture just kind of floating around the bottom of the toolbox.”

As streamlined as it gets, this model has a corrosion-resistant powder coating so it’ll never rust. BIG RED

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As for material, there are three major options. Plastic toolboxes are lightweight and inexpensive, making them ideal for those who don’t really need to carry all that many tools. Powder-coated steel is the material of choice for really heavy-duty stuff; it’ll last forever, but it can be quite heavy, especially with all your tools in it. An interesting third option is canvas: because it’s a soft material, it’s not as good for organization, but it’s lightweight and durable.