Turntable Stands That Are Perfect for Spinning Vinyl

Got two turntables and a microphone? Perfect! Display your setup on one of these pretty pieces, then drop that needle.

Records are back, baby! Nothing beats the sound of the needle as it drops into the groove of your favorite vinyl. If you’re part of the record renaissance and need a place to store your players and albums, look no further than these affordable turntable stands.

Holds Up to 35 Pounds

This one, made of laminated medium-density fiberboard and particleboard, features a glass shelf, metal legs, and LED lights. Ameriwood Home

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Not all turntable stands are created equal. As with any piece of furniture, consider the features that are important to you before buying. Do you prefer metal legs or something that’s flush to the ground? Do you need a shelf, or lights? Shop around before you invest.

Part of a Collection

This mid-century-inspired model has drawers, so you can keep important stuff—manuals, remotes—close but clandestine. Its wide design leaves room not just for your player but also speakers and albums. Novogratz

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If you’re looking to furnish or redesign a room, look for a stand that’s part of a collection; that way, you can coordinate all of your pieces.

Multiple Colors

This one is for anybody who wants something super simple, that will basically disappear into a room. The turntable goes on top, and below, there’s room for 50 albums—that’s all, folks! Victrola

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If you like the old-timey style of Victrolas but the sound of 21st-century tech, search for retro-looking players to go atop your stand. Many brands sell coordinating vintage-looking turntables with built-in speakers.