Two-Player Board Games That Bring the Competition

One on one gets fun.

“Game night” doesn’t need to involve a large group. Two-player games can be equally as exciting and fun, and can be a great way to try something new for date night, or do something different than the same old dinner or coffee catch up. Two-player board games can also be a great way to connect with kids, especially if “How was your day today?” is usually answered by grunts or “fine.” Here are the best games to introduce game night to whoever your plus one may be.

Easy to Play

Features trivia and photographs of America’s protected wildlands. Each game has its own setup, making it very replayable. Underdog Games Store

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When you’re introducing games to kids, it can be a good idea to read the directions before you open the box. That way you can teach the game to your kids, instead of trying to learn in real-time. It can also be helpful to use directions more as guidelines, especially when you’re playing with young children. Going with the flow and following their lead can allow for an enjoyable game while gently introducing topics like fairness, taking turns and winning graciously.

For Nature Lovers

Build a habit to attract the best winged creatures; complex world-building that can be played in an hour. Stonemaier Games

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Tweens, teens and adults may appreciate more complex games that allow imagination and skill to take the lead. But these games can be intimidating to new players; unfamiliar rules of play can make it tough for newbies to navigate. A little research and suggested play time can help you assess which game is best for your current skill and patience level.

Integrated With App

An Amazon device can explain the rules and walk you through this game—or even act as your opponent. Days of Wonder

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App integrations can take your game play to the next level. Look for games that either have standalone apps or partnerships with Alexa or Google Home as a new way to experience a game. Some games also offer the option to play against an app, which is ideal for a board game enthusiast who may not have an available game partner. Once you’ve mastered one board game, see if “expansion packs” are available. These provide additional cards, game pieces or other material that can add additional elements to traditional gameplay.