Looking for hangers that are gentle on your clothing? Velvet is the way to go. They’re lightweight, portable, and convenient for people who frequently move. Beyond the aesthetics, velvet hangers are beloved for keeping fabrics in place without causing any tears or perforations. Upgrade your closet organization with a set; they range in colors, sizes, and features. Below are some of the best available now.

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If you have a bunch of mismatched types of hangers from the laundromat or leftover from sets acquired years ago, don’t underestimate the power of consistency. With dozens of identical hangers, your closet will be pleasing to look at, and you’ll never have to guess whether a snag on a plastic or wire hanger damaged your clothes.


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While they are slim, velvet hangers have a weight limit adequate for most common items you’d wear. Most are designed to hold up to 10 pounds, but you can seek out additional accessories like clips to accommodate certain garments such as pants and skirts.

While velvet hangers barely take up any space, look for quality material that won’t shed on your clothes. Generally, these hangers can support heavier and delicate items including suits, blazers, and dresses.