Water balloon fight! If those words bring you joy—rather than strike fear in your heart—we’ve got you covered with these picks.

Editors’ Pick

Innovative design lets you pump up a big bundle of bombs at one time. Bunch O Balloons

While you’re shopping around, you may notice water balloons on “sticks.” These bunches of balloons are pinned onto straws by an O-ring, and a bunch of these straws are then connected to a single hose nozzle attachment. Screw the nozzle onto your hose, fill up multiple balloons at once, and then simply slide the full balloons off their individual straws. No tying necessary.

Also Recommended

You get 12 packs in every shade of the rainbow. Tiny Balier

Because these self-sealing balloons fill so quickly, it’s smart to have a large bucket or bin at the ready to deposit them into. One blade of stiff grass or a sharp twig and—pop!—you’re all wet.

Budget Pick

Comes with two nozzles that attach to your hose. Hibery

You can save money if you go with a bulk pack of balloons you have to tie yourself. Just be sure to buy a batch that comes with nozzle attachments that make it easier to fill each individual balloon with your standard hose.

Gives your projectiles extra speed and distance. Bunch O Balloons

To level up your water play look for slingshots, catapults, games and other water balloon accessories. And don’t forget the beach towels!