No one loves brushing their teeth. Okay, maybe there are some people out there who do, but the majority see it as a daily chore that must be done. However, there are ways that you can actually elevate your tooth brushing game and make this experience more effective and more enjoyable. This can be done with a pulsing toothbrush that has a timer, that does more than just clean, and that lets you track your progress.


Brush your teeth for the right amount of time help helpful guidance. Fairywill

Chances are good a lot of us using a standard toothbrush are not actually brushing for a full two minutes. When you time yourself, two minutes seems like a very long time! With a pulsing toothbrush that has a timer feature on it, you get reminders every 30 seconds to chance the area you’re brushing, as well as a two-minute cut-off when your toothbrushing is complete.

More Than Clean

Extra CareSm

Your teeth need more than just a good daily cleaning. AquaSonic

While it is imperative that you brush at least twice a day to keep your teeth so fresh and so clean, when you get the right pulsing toothbrush, you’ll have a tool that will do more than just clean your teeth. Look for a pulsing toothbrush that works to remove more plaque than a standard toothbrush can (10 times as much, in fact!). Bonus points if it features teeth whitening abilities to get rid of stains on your teeth as well as the ability to massage your teeth and gums for the ultimate mouth health.

Track Progress

Real-Time Feedback

Long-term healthy habits are the way of the future. Oral-B

Imagine how much happier your dentist and your mouth will be if you have a pulsing toothbrush that tracks your progress on tooth brushing? There are some models out there that track your brushing habits and give you tips in areas you may be slacking in. Connect your toothbrush via Bluetooth to an app that provides feedback on how you can improve, and how well you’re doing.