What to Look for in a Hand Mixer to Complete Your Collection of Kitchen Tools

Make blending and baking a piece of cake with a hand mixer!

Few kitchen appliances are as useful, versatile, and time-saving as a hand mixer. Whether you want to mix, blend, whip, or beat ingredients into shape before cooking and baking, a hand mixer can do all the hard work for you, and they’re considerably less expensive than stand mixers. They’ll also give you more control in the kitchen. Before you buy, here are a few things to keep in mind: 1) What type of accessories are included in your mixer, and do they come with some kind of storage case? 2) The weight of the mixer will really start to matter if you have a job that takes more than a few minutes, so aim low. 3) A higher wattage typically means the mixer works harder so your wrist doesn’t have to. Here are our recommendations.

Compact Design

This model can mix most ingredients in about 30 seconds, and in addition to the expected functions, you can use it to chop and to make cocktails. Mueller Austria

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The wattage that’s listed measures how much power goes into the mixer, not the amount that it produces, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect quality. A lower wattage might indicate that the gears inside the mixer simply need less power to work wonders. Although 100 to 150 is often cited as adequate, wattage in the range of 200 to 250 should be up to performing most mixing tasks. As for the weight, 1.5 pounds is light enough to prevent arm strain and heavy enough to keep the mixer from toppling over when it’s not in use.

Tucks Away Easily

This is built for hands that tire quickly: You can rest it on the bowl while it continues to do its thing without making a mess. Hamilton Beach

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The purpose of beaters is to let air in, so you need them to work against gravity. To accomplish this, they should spin from the inside out, forcing ingredients to rise rather than fall. To test, hold the hand mixer like you’re gripping a drill and turn it on. The beater on the left should spin counter-clockwise while the one on the right should turn clockwise. This way, more air will enter, and your ingredients will be mixed, blended, whipped, and beat so they rise up to perfection. This process is what makes egg whites form stiff, glossy peaks for whipped cream or meringues.

Multiple Attachments

This one is dishwasher-safe with a one-click eject button, and the iron-shape allows you to rest it down on the counter vertically. LILPARTNER

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The more attachments, the merrier, so get a hand mixer with a variety of them. A paddle for mixing, a whisk for beating cream and egg whites, and a dough hook for kneading are fairly basic inclusions. Although stainless steel mixers will last the longest, the attachments may leave scratches on your mixing bowls. To avoid scarring, make sure each attachment comes with a protective silicone coating.