Back at the turn of the 19th century, experts also recommended regular outside time for kids—though they described it as “airing” the children out. That advice morphed into the wacky trend of mounting dangling baby cages just outside apartment windows so you could pop your bundle of joy out the window no matter how high up you lived. Makes you feel good about your own parenting choices, amirite? If you’re not down to crate your offspring, you might want to invest in rain gear so they can get in all that outside playtime while staying comfortable.

Super Durable

These trousers come in a rainbow of colors to match your little one’s personality and preferences. Available in sizes from 2T to 12/13. Oakiwear

It’s the worst when a kid’s gear wears out before they manage to outgrow it. Look for options made with rip-proof material. These fabrics are constructed using reinforcement fibers in a crosshatch pattern so the item resists tearing. Some children’s rain gear even comes with a comprehensive warranty that stands up to the rough-and-tumbliest outside kid.

Top Pick

This full-coverage overall is sized up for wearing over regular clothing and includes a carrying bag. Tuffo

When it comes to functionality, look for gear made with waterproof materials that have completely sealed seams and zippers. For coverall-style gear, wrists and ankles should have elastics so they can fit snugly over boots and mittens to prevent leaks.

Comfortable Fit

This set includes leak-free pants and a coordinating parka with a full hood. Available in a variety of fun colors and patterns. FROGG TOGGS

Kids can play longer if they’re comfy. Look for stretchy, breathable fabrics that are both waterproof and wind-resistant—yet light enough to accommodate a full range of movement. Elastic ankle cuffs that slip over boots are a great option for kids who are sensitive to the bulky feeling of tucked-in pants.