What to Look for in Rain Pants for Men

It’s raining, men.

No matter what activity takes you out into the rain, nothing harshes the mellow quite like getting soaked to the skin. Here’s what to look for in rain gear designed to keep you comfortably dry while you’re camping, hiking or biking (or working, we guess).

Comfy Elastic Waist

These rain trousers are made from rip-stop fabric to resist tears. TBMPOY

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Rain gear is only useful if it works for the long haul, so durability is an important consideration. Look for solid construction and specialized features like rip-stop material. These fabrics are usually made of something like nylon, using a reinforcement technique that weaves in sturdy fibers in a crosshatch pattern, so the material resists ripping or tearing.

Packed With Features

This set includes a removable hood and adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. FROGG TOGGS

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Of course it’s essential that your rain gear works to protect you from the elements. Look for multi-layered fabrics that include a soft inner layer for warmth, a waterproof middle layer and a wind-resistant outer layer.


This option includes adjustable ankle closures and zippered pockets. Columbia

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Comfort is key when you’re out in the rain. Look for breathable fabrics with a bit of stretch and lots of give in the waistband. Adjustable ankle cuff closures help keep your feet drier, and zippered pockets make it easy to keep your essentials safe.