What to Look for in Slime Kits

If it isn’t slimy, is it even science?

When it comes to chemistry, slime is special. It isn’t a solid or a liquid (or a gas, obviously). It’s actually a non-Newtonian fluid—meaning the way its molecules pack together or flow over each other changes when you handle it. That’s why you can form slime into a solid-looking shape, but then it oozes into a liquid-like puddle when you let it rest.

Easy to Use

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The main ingredient included in a slime kit is school glue—or polyvinyl acetate glue, if you’re fancy. This is a liquid polymer, so it’s a long chain of repeating molecules that slide over each other super easily. This is why you can’t roll a puddle of school glue into a ball or pick it up in your hand.

Good for Beginners

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Glue’s liquid nature changes when you add the activator found in your slime kit. These chemicals contain charged molecules (ions) that react with the molecules in the glue, forming new chemical bonds that crosslink the polymer chains. Now, those glue molecules are a bit more tied up and can’t flow around each other quite so easily. Since some activators contain borax, which can cause eye or stomach discomfort, look for kits labeled non-toxic, if you’re working with small children.

Brain-Boosting Activities

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That’s all fine and good—yay, chemistry!—but the other components of your slime kit are arguably just as important. The included dyes (or already-dyed glues) and texture-enhancing bits—like beads, glitter and foam—make it easy to mix up a variety of slimes. Some kits include premade slime so you can focus on the art while leaving the chemicals to the experts.