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Kids acquire a seemingly endless supply of toys, from stuffed animals to dolls to playhouses to even DIY robots. Many of those are exceedingly painful to step on, which every parent at some point will. To store these toys, you’ll need some kind of bin. But what kind to get?

This easy-to-assemble product needs nothing more than a single screwdriver to put together. Delta Children

Some toy bin systems come with different sized bins on a rack to hold different sized toys. These can be helpful for organizing, which is a very useful skill for kids. Being able to sort toys into categories by size or type and then storing them in specific boxes flexes some cognitive muscles.

The containers in this set can be rearranged as desired, from top to bottom or side to side, to make it easier to grab certain items. Humble Crew

Toy bin racks come in a few different designs. One hides the toys completely; it’s a much cleaner look, but you’ll have to remember where each toy is in order to find it. Others have open tops, enabling your kid to just peek in to find a particular Lego set.

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Larger single bins, compared with rack systems, can get a little chaotic: your child may prefer to dump the entire thing out and sort through the toys rather than going to a specific bin. But they also enable you to store much larger toys, like stuffed animals, and can be placed away in a closet or under a bed.