Whiskey Decanters for a Sophisticated Nightcap

Sometimes, you want to drink like a Mad Man.

Aerators and decanters are most closely associated with wine; the chemical reaction when uncorked wine meets the oxygen in the air can provide new, sometimes beneficial, flavors. Whiskey doesn’t quite work like that, but decanters still serve a purpose. To be honest, it’s mostly for the aesthetic appeal—but who doesn’t like to pour themselves something pretty?

Mid-Century Classic

This lead-free product was made in Italy, and includes an art deco-inspired design. Paksh Novelty

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While aerators and decanters have a demonstrable effect on the flavor of wine, whiskey won’t actually change when it’s exposed to air in a decanter. Whiskey won’t change in the bottle, either; where wine will change with age, whiskey will remain in its pristine state, exactly how it was distilled, for years or decades.

A True Celebration

This delicate hand-blown product has a small antique ship inside. Godinger

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The major reason to opt for a decanter for whiskey is for aesthetics. That may sound frivolous, but it isn’t, really: a decanter allows you to see the gorgeous amber color of the liquor, and adds a tone of celebration to every pour. Sometimes, it’s okay to do things just for the sake of style.

Starburst Design

With an 800mL capacity, this vessel will store an entire standard, 750mL bottle comfortably. TF TAKEFLIGHT

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While we’re on the subject of whiskey, let’s mention the spelling. Whiskey, with an E, is the spelling used for American and Irish liquors; whisky, without the E, is used in Scotland, Japan, and Canada. Japanese whisky is heavily influenced by and similar to Scotch whisky. Canada has a much greater Scottish population, while the United States has a heavily Irish influence. But otherwise, the spelling doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the alcohol itself, which doesn’t mean you won’t provoke anger if you use the wrong one.

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High Flyer

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