Say goodnight permanently to sleepless nights—for you and your child!—with white noise, or steady ambient sound. In addition to masking other sounds (perfect if you live somewhere loud), white noise can make children dozy and promote healthy sleep hygiene. Here’s what you need to know.

This multifunctional LED option grows with your little one: it features settings that work for newborns, toddlers or older children. Sleep experts helped design the preset noise-color combinations, so there’s no guesswork for the grownups. Hatch Baby

If you have a headstrong, sleep-averse little one who likes to change or override your settings, pick a machine with toddler lock. It’ll allow you to disable the functionality of the buttons on the device. Sorry, kid.

Adorable Design

Colors and facial expressions on this child-safe ABS-and-silicone cutie aren’t just for show. They help babes learn wake-up time (green smiley face) and bedtime (red tired face), even if they can’t tell time. LittleHippo

There’s an ulterior motive to teaching your kids good sleep hygiene: 40 winks for you! If you want to use your white noise machine as a sleep trainer, be sure to pick a model with glowing lights, a digital clock and the ability to program sleep duration.

This on-the-go option is surprisingly feature-rich. Three calming auditory options—bright, deep and gentle surf—soft amber light, a USB port and a flexible hook mean your tot can grab some healthy Z’s absolutely anywhere. Marpac

The most important thing to note when choosing and programming your white noise machine is to abide by suggested volume limits for your child. For example, according to the American Association of Pediatrics, infants should not be exposed to sounds louder than 50 decibels. A model with volume control allows you to lull your babe to sleep without worry.