Three Women’s Ankle Boot Styles for any Occasion

Ankle boots are a staple no matter the season, and there are a variety of styles out there, so it’s time to get shopping.

There must be something psychological behind why women love shopping. Whatever the reason, shopping is great, and especially so when you’re shopping for new shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so pick shoes that will give you a variety of options in your closet. To that point, ankle boots are great thanks to their versatility and cross-season use. Thus, here are three styles of ankle boots to try this year: a slipper type, a wedge type, and a combat type.

Slipper Boot

Slipper boots are a crossover style you can wear around the house, but also in (some) spots outside your home. UGG

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The UGG boot is no new trend but is one that has completely rocked the boot world. Nearly every female owns these boots—they are a staple in the closets of women in climates all over the country. They come with some fashion points, but UGG boots are also functional. Slipper boots keep your feet warm and comfortable, and while we don’t recommend trying to pass them off as work attire (well, depending on your job), UGG boots are ideal for relaxing at home, or running errands around town. Why are they so comfortable? It’s thanks to two major things: the fuzzy sheepskin lining that keeps your feet toasty and happy, as well as the rubber sole that provides the right amount of support and stability, without being too heavy.

Wedge Boot

When you need to dress things up a bit, a wedge boot is a great and comfortable way to do so. TOMS

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A wedge is another option for your ankle boot collection. A simple wedge makes your outfit fancier, without sacrificing comfort. This style of boot is great for work, a night out, and brunch—basically anytime you want to elevate your style, but still be comfortable. A wedge ankle boot goes with nearly every outfit you have in your closet, from jeans to dresses and beyond. Be sure you pick a pair that is comfortable because, unfortunately, not all wedge ankle boots are created equally. Look for wedge boots that have a cushioned footbed for extra comfort, as well as boots that are breathable so that your feet stay nice and dry no matter how long you’re wearing them.

Combat Boot

When you’re ready to look like you mean business, grab a pair of combat ankle boots. Dr. Martens

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The ‘90s are back, ladies and gentlemen. Say “hello” to your little friend, the combat boot. This style of ankle boot is back in full-force and we are loving it all over again. But this time around, these boots aren’t only for those who are into grunge. All different styles and tastes love this type of boot, so pick a pair up to add some fresh personality to your closet. The combat boot means businesses, but also means fashion, and once you’ve broken them in a bit, they will also mean comfort. The added platform on some styles give you a bit of a height boost, without the discomfort that often comes along with heeled boots.