Staying warm and stylish at the same time can be a fashion challenge. In truly cold weather, parkas and bulky overcoats are simply oppressive. But for those glorious in-between days when it’s neither too cold nor too hot, it’s time to retrieve the sweater collection from storage. For piecing together a cool-season wardrobe, these three sweater styles have a place in every woman’s collection.


A long sweater is great for keeping warm and perfectly suited for casual occasions. SAMPEEL

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Light enough for an early fall outing but with enough weight to see you through the holiday season, a tunic-style sweater is highly versatile. The over-the-hip length offers added warmth and is the perfect casual complement for jeans, skirts, or leggings.

Cashmere Crews

When it comes to sweater materials, it’s hard to beat cashmere for comfort and warmth. Liny Xin

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For colder days, a classic cashmere crew sweater is as cozy as it gets. Fibers of the famous Kashmir goats are soft and luxurious but provide enough loft and insulation to keep you comfortable even on the coldest days.

Cowl Neck

The extra fabric around the neck of a cowl sweater can keep you warm on especially cold days. levaca

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For a classy look, add a cowl-neck sweater to your ensemble. You can wear it stylishly with anything from distressed jeans to western boots, and extra fabric around the collar offers the comfort and protection you need on particularly cool or blustery days.