Whether you’re using candles for lighting or for ambience, there’s one million dollar question: Should you go with cotton wicks or wooden wicks? Cotton is a popular choice, but if you’re looking for a longer, cleaner burn that doesn’t allow carbon, soot, and other debris to build up, wooden wick candles will get you closer to the flame of your dreams. They also produce a unique, soothing crackle, and their flat, horizontal flames create a lovely ambience in whatever room they happen to be lighting up. Topping off the many benefits of wooden wick candles, their eco-friendly properties make them one of the safest ways to light up a room.

Soy Wax Blend

This one has an approximate burn time of 60 hours and emits a fragrance that’s a blend of floral and woody. Manly Indulgence

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The first burn is the most crucial one for a wooden wick candle. For best long-term results, burn it for two or three hours to create a melted wax pool that extends all the way to the edge of the container. If you don’t burn it long enough, a little depression might form around the wick, which could make the candle “tunnel,” meaning the wax around the edges harder to melt going forward and create a deeper depression around the wick. This will eventually prevent the candle from staying lit for as long as intended.

Made With Perfume-Grade Fragrance Oils

This oversized option in a fancy package can keep going for up to four full days and can be repurposed as a vase or storage container after burning out. La Jolie Muse

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It’s important to keep the wick of your candle trimmed and free of charred material so the flame can more easily reach the wax for effective burning. You can use nail clippers or wire cutters to trim the wick to about ⅛ inch. Be sure the wax is hard and cool to avoid bits of ash or wick debris getting stuck in it.

Winter Wonder Scent

This option weighs in at 21.5 ounces, and it can fill rooms with the crisp smell of trees for up to 130 hours. WoodWick

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If you won’t be burning your wooden wick candles for at least a few hours at a time, consider getting smaller ones that require less time to create a wax pool that extends all the way to the edge. If you keep a mix of larger candles for longer burns and smaller ones for shorter sessions, you’ll be able to avoid tunnelling.