Weighing food and ingredients on kitchen scale.
Measure your ingredients precisely. Pexels

Whether you’re a dedicated baker, counting calories or watching your macros, a set of kitchen scales is an invaluable addition to your cooking area. But what features do you need to bear in mind before making your pick? We’ve weighed them up below…

Smart Design

With the ability to measure and convert between five different units—including milliliters and fluid ounces—this high capacity device has the aesthetic appeal of metal, with the wipe-clean ease of glass. Amazon

Most digital scales these days will switch easily between grams and kilograms, as well as pounds and ounces, so don’t panic if you think you’ve accidentally bought “a metric scale”—chances are that there will be a button marked “Unit” that allows you to switch easily between imperial units and metric ones. Check before you buy how precise the scales are—some let you weigh in increments of 0.05 ounces, while others go up or down by 0.1 ounces. If you regularly weigh out small amounts of ingredients, this is important. It’s also worth checking the weight limit too. If you regularly cook large joints of meat, a scale that tops out at 11 pounds might not be enough for you.

Inexpensive and easy to use, this gadget has multiple weight options and even comes with a spare battery. Also available in black, red, blue and stainless steel to match your space. Amazon

A “Tare” or “Zero” button is really useful; you can put your mixing bowl on the scales, set it to zero and then add, say, 0.5lbs of flour. You can also use the tare/zero button in between ingredients if, say you then need to add 0.25lbs of sugar.

This chrome-topped product has an auto-shutoff feature to preserve battery life. Also available in other colors, including lime green, teal and red. Amazon

Check how big the platform of the scale is in comparison to what you want to place on it. If your favorite mixing bowl can’t easily sit on there and still allow you to read the screen, it’s going to add an extra step—and more washing up—to your cooking prep.