3V Coin Batteries to Power Your Devices

Buy in bulk, so you’re not left without a key fob or remote.

With the rise of internal, non-replaceable, rechargeable batteries in gadgets like smartphones, we sometimes don’t think about buying new batteries at all. But one type, the coin battery, is a vital means to keep some of our most overlooked but important gadgets going: car key fobs, remote controls, watches and more.

Safety First

With an unpleasant material surrounding this product, you can be assured your child and pet won’t want to ingest it—and it’s packaged to be tough to open without scissors. Duracell

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Coin batteries are extremely small and very rarely anything but single-use. But they’re also inexpensive and can provide small amounts of power for an exceedingly long time. These batteries can last for a year or more in many situations.

Lasts Nearly Forever

Thanks to an 8-year shelf life, this option will stay ready until you need it. Amazon Basics

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Coin batteries come in several different sizes, and are not interchangeable. So you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right one. You can go by voltage, but that’s not necessarily reliable. When you pop out your dead battery, look on the underside, and you should see a four-digit code, preceded by some letters, like CR2032. That’s what you should search for to ensure you get what you need.

Remote Buddy

This choice is ideal for slim remote controls, key fobs and more. Energizer

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The specific letters and numbers tell you interesting information about the battery itself. The first letter tells you what the main material is that makes up the battery; “C,” for example, means lithium. The second letter tells you the shape: “R” means “round.” The first two numbers refer to the diameter (in millimeters) and the second two numbers to the battery’s height (in tenths of millimeters). So a CR2032 is a round, lithium-based battery, 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in height.