Air Fryer Lids for Your Instant Pot or Multi-Cooker

There’s no need to spring for a whole new gadget.

Multi-cookers can do so many things: pressure cook, slow cook, make yogurt. (Has anyone actually made yogurt with the yogurt setting on those things?) In any case: they can’t, usually, air fry. But there are replacement lids you can buy to add that feature, without springing for a whole new gadget.

Perfect Fit

With protection against overheating and an automatic shutoff option, you know this product will safely prepare your food. Instant Pot

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Air fryers don’t actually fry, in the sense that you’re not submerging anything in oil. Instead, they work by creating a heating element on top of the food, like a broiler, but circulating heat rapidly with a fan. It’s a way to create a super-high temperature that’s evenly distributed around your food, just like deep-frying.

No Burns

With a locking mechanism that only heats up when activated, you can be sure you won’t burn yourself on this item accidentally. MICHELANGELO

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If air frying sounds an awful lot like convection to you, you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Both convection—a feature found in many new toaster and full-size ovens—and air fryers use circulating fans to heat more evenly. But air fryers tend to have their fans located above the food, close to it. Convection ovens sometimes place their fans in the back. That makes air fryers capable of delivering stronger heat to a smaller amount of food.

Full Kit

This product is completely BPA-free, so have no fear while using any of its many modes. CARL SCHMIDT SOHN

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Just like the multi-cookers they pair with, air fryer lids offer several different functions beyond just air frying. These lids can also roast, dehydrate and broil, all of which are functions a regular multi-cooker can’t really handle.

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This product has a wide array of temperature settings; you can set it as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or as high as 400. Instant Pot

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This product comes with a tempered glass lid, which lets you actually watch your food as the cooking process progresses. Mealthy

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