Air Fryer Ovens for Crispy, Delicious Chicken, Potatoes and More

It’s an air fryer! It’s an oven! It’s both!

Air frying technology is simpler than it sounds; there isn’t any magic going on there—it is, with some minor differences, a convection oven. That’s bad for our sense of wonder, but great for our wallets, because it means that air frying technology can be found in more and more products. Some of the best of those are miniature ovens.

With a 0.6-cubic-foot capacity, this unit is big enough to handle a whole four-pound chicken. Cuisinart

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The key with air frying is convection. These products use fans to rapidly circulate hot air, which enables food to come into contact with an equal, and very high, amount of heat on all sides. That’s perfect for creating a perfect, crispy crust.

To get even more control, this item has the option of two different fan speeds, which can give you more speed or more delicacy. Breville

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You can think of this category of product as either an evolution of the humble toaster oven, or as an electrified, miniature, very high-end oven. Either way, for small or even medium-sized meals, these products can cook faster and more efficiently than nearly anything else in your kitchen.

With a rotating tumbler basket, you can get that full on-a-spit experience. Instant Pot

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The key to air fryers is dehydration. When we talk about crispy food, we’re really talking about drying out the exterior of our potatoes or chicken or whatever else we’re cooking. By circulating air, air fryers can dehydrate the tops, bottoms and sides of food—or you can set it at a very low heat to dehydrate your own beef jerky or dried fruit.

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This product offers five different heating elements, to ensure that your food is exposed to even heat on all sides. Emeril Lagasse

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With touchscreen navigation and lots of presets, this product is incredibly easy to use. Iconites

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