It sounds nice to have one type of sock that does everything from work to working out. However, in real life, that isn’t necessarily the case. The socks you wear to work are likely thin and tall and won’t give you necessary comfort and breathability when you’re working out. Thus, you need to invest in some good sports socks—ones that you use for any activity that involves working up a sweat. Sports socks come with great features, including the ability to aid with compression, moisture management, and extra cushion. Here are three reasons you want to expand your sock collection to include sports socks.

Great Fit

If you suffer from circulation issues, this foot covering can help. Physix Gear Sport

Some people are born with circulation and vein issues. Others may find themselves struggling with circulation after a long workout. Either way, compression sports socks are the ideal way to help keep your blood circulating in a natural and healthy way. These socks also help with swollen legs while working out by keeping things properly aligned and supported. With these socks in tow, you can feel okay about pushing yourself a little further in your workout.

Cool Colors

Wet feet are a big no-no at any time, but especially when working out. Saucony

There are few things more gross than when your feet are soggy in a pair of wet socks. And unfortunately, this is something that can happen when you’re working out. Which brings us to another reason why you want sports socks, not regular socks: to manage your foot moisture. Most sports socks have breathable fabric and ventilation to keep air flowing to your feet, so they don’t get drenched while you’re working up a sweat. If, for some reason, your feet do get wet, socks with moisture management will help them dry more quickly so you aren’t stuck feeling soggy.

Also Consider

When you’re on your feet, extra cushion will help keep you comfortable. Dickies

You’re not in need of much cushion if you’re sitting at your desk because you’re not putting pressure on your feet, and your socks serve as a basic barrier between your feet and your shoes. However, when active, you need a cushion to help support your moving feet and coming into contact with the ground. Thus, you want extra cushion in your sports socks. Cushion helps to absorb some of the shock while working out, and also keeps your feet limber.