Three Features You Need in a Digital Baby Monitor

Observe and talk with your baby without stepping a single foot in their nursery.

There are few anxieties as intense as leaving a newborn infant alone in their own room for the first time. To vigilant parents, that freshly wall-papered nursery is filled with phantom illness, baby snatchers, and bodily harm at every padded turn. We fret, we check, and we creep back in to check again. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to sooth adult nerves, stay responsible, and still let that hard-working cherub get the undisturbed sleep he or she needs. Here are a few features to look for in a baby monitor to maintain digital awareness from any area of the house.

Full Viewing Control

Most modern models have audio as well as video. Infant Optics

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Original baby monitors were basically just two-way radio transceivers used to monitor crying. Today’s monitors feature not only more advanced, undistorted audio, but also HD video that can be zoomed and panned throughout the room for complete surveillance.

Includes Encryption Security

This one prevents anyone from snooping or eavesdropping. Lefun

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The last thing you want to do while trying to protect your child from one type of hazard is to inadvertently expose them (or you) to another. At minimum, baby monitors should feature encrypted data transmission to prevent hacking. Even better, monitors that transmit voice and video to a smartphone or tablet over their own secure channel will not share any information through the Internet at all.

Voice Control

This one allows you to untether yourself from your smartphone. nooie

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Since it defeats the purpose of having a monitor for parents to stay glued to their smartphone screen 24/7, a device with motion- and noise-alert functions allows Mom or Dad to go about regular household tasks (or get a little rest of their own) without worry. Monitors with motion-tracking sensors are even more versatile, offering at least some technological hedge against the day when the little one finally decides to stretch those chubby legs and attempts to scale the crib walls.