Three Light Combos to Consider for Baby’s Nursery

A mixture of light, sound, or even your own voice can help you and your little one get more rest at night.

Dad putting baby down for bed with night light in nursery.
Soft, soothing sounds and a dim light is a perfect combination for lulling your baby to sleep.Hatch Baby

Nursery night lights play a big role in a new baby’s life, and we are talking more than just a night light. Nursery lights help your baby feel safe and unafraid when alone in their crib, but there is more that these little bulbs can do for you and your baby. If you haven’t considered it before, you can combine nursery lights with other tools like an audio monitor, a way to see the night sky, and a sound machine.

Audio Monitor

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, Time-to-Rise Plus Audio Monitor, White Noise Soother, Toddler Sleep Trainer, Kids Alarm Clock, Nightlight
Communicate with your baby from the other room with this nursery night light and audio monitor combo.Hatch Baby

Calm your baby and talk to him or her from the other room thanks to a nursery night light that doubles as an audio monitor. This is a great way to communicate without interrupting their sleep with your presence, and a way that can be heard loud and clear. In addition, with the right nursery night light, your audio monitoring will remain secure and safe so you can rest easy knowing nobody else can eavesdrop on communication between you and your baby.

See the Night Sky

Moredig Night Light Projector Remote Control and Timer Design Projection lamp
Sometimes your baby may want more than just a colored light on the wall to stare at.Moredig

Get your kid interested in the galactic world at a young age with a night light that features a laser projection that brings the night sky into his or her nursery. Create the ultimate relaxing environment with nursery night lights that provide a view of the stars against a blue nebula cloud. This is a great alternative to your typical nursery night lights that only produce a variety of different colored lights, and it will provide your baby something calming to look at.

Sound Machine

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine
Sounds from nature are a great addition to your nursery night lights for a well-rounded night of sleep.SOAIY

Get more bang for your buck with your nursery night lights and find some that also feature a built-in sound machine. This is a great way to provide extra relaxation to your baby when he or she is trying to sleep and includes a number of different sounds ranging from a summer night to rain—whatever will help your little one sleep best.