Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! While there are some truly fabulous things about being a parent, one of the difficult parts of this experience will be getting your baby to sleep soundly and through the night. Unfortunately, there isn’t a strategy that works for every baby, but one thing that will certainly help promote sleep for your little one is a baby sound machine. You want one that provides multiple sound options, one that has volume options, and one that comes with the ability to use it remotely via your phone.

Sound options

Not all babies love the same sound, so get a sound machine with multiple sound options. Adaptive Sound Technologies

There are days where you want to listen to a different type of music than others, right? Your baby may feel the same way about the sounds they fall asleep to. While there are some that will prefer the same sound every night, others may prefer switching it up. So, to fit either situation, you want a baby sound machine that has sound options. Look for a baby sound machine with ambient noise variations that have more than just white noise.


Sometimes you may need to turn the volume way up on the machine, and other times you may prefer to keep things quiet. Marpac

If you’re planning to be making some noise around the house after you put your baby to bed, then we suggest getting a baby sound machine that has volume options. Those are the nights you’re going to want to turn the volume up, and for those nights when things are a bit quieter around the house, but your baby still needs some ambient sound, the low volume option is going to be just right.

Remote Use

Keep control of all things in one place, including your baby sound machine. Hatch Baby

Since we know you’re already using your phone for nearly everything else in your life, why not add using it for your baby sound machine to the mix to streamline things? Via an app connected to your baby sound machine, you can create programs to turn on and off automatically, as well as preset sound and color combinations that come highly rated by sleep experts. This is as close to guaranteeing a good night’s sleep for your baby as you’re going to get.