Bed Cooling Systems to Keep You Comfortable at Night

Serious chilling power.

There are two different types of cooling products for mattresses. “Passive” types include cotton or bamboo mattress pads or gel-foam toppers that help trap and redistribute heat. This article focuses on “active” cooling systems that deliver more intense chilling with forced air or water. Active systems typically provide more, and longer-lasting, cooling—but they can be pricey. Here are three things you should know before buying.

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Users of some lower-end cooling pads have been unhappy to discover mildew building up in the tubing system if they don’t clean the system regularly. The most advanced devices, however, incorporate UV light to disinfect the machinery.

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Water-driven cooling pads work by chilling a gallon or more of water down to temperatures below room temperature, then constantly circulating that water through tubing inside the pad. The cool water absorbs heat from your body and draws it away. The water is then cooled again and recirculated.

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Be sure to check the dimensions on whatever cooling system you decide to buy. Some are a foot tall or more, meaning they’ll need to be set up next to your bed and will take up a bit of floor space. Some others keep their profiles purposely low, so they can be tucked away under elevated bed frames.