Ceiling fans are one of the easiest ways to lower your energy bills and keep each room of the house at its optimal temperature. Even a single fan in one room can gently circulate air throughout an entire floor, helping that level of the house stay evenly cool and prevent air stagnation. Whether you are building a new home or just remodeling a single room, think about these ceiling-fan basics when it comes time to pick out lighting and electrical appliances.

  • Height: At the very least, your fan should be seven feet above the floor (though eight to nine feet is even better). If you are concerned about ceiling height or need some extra headroom under a fan, look for a flush-mount unit that does not require an extension tube to mount. This style offers a significantly lower profile than traditional fans that can drop down more than a foot from ceiling height.
  • Light: There are essentially two types of ceiling fans: those with a light kit and those without. Getting a fan with a light kit helps to brighten any room, especially if that space relies on an array of recessed lights in the four corners. Just make sure you have the ceiling height to accommodate the light kit, which can add another eight to 10 inches of drop to your fan.
  • Power: Contrary to popular belief, a ceiling fan with more blades isn’t necessarily more powerful—the strength of a ceiling fan’s motor is the most important indicator of power. There are several different types of motors for ceiling fans, but when in doubt, go with a DC motor. They’re more efficient and can allow for more than the standard three speeds.

Our Picks for the Best Ceiling Fans on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Honeywell Ceiling Fans Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

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Runner Up: Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Hunter Fan Company

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Budget Pick: Portage Bay Hugger 52″ West Hill Ceiling Fan

Portage Bay

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Premium Pick: Minka-Aire 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan


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