What’s the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair?

No more fuzz on your couch cushions, carpets, and clothes.

Pets are awesome. Their shedding fuzz is not. Unfortunately, some vacuums aren’t built to handle the job of cleaning the stuff up. Corded, upright vacs with bags are some of the strongest suckers on the market, and are often a great choice for tough cleanups. But they’re bulky, heavy and can be awkward to use. So if you’re on the lookout for a lighter-weight, easy-to-use cordless, here’s what every pet owner should consider.

50 Minutes of Run Time

This model gets rid of 99.9 percent of dust and other particles that can trigger reactions in sensitive folks. Shark

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HEPA filters are the gold-standard filtering systems for people with allergies. They’re used in home air purifiers, hospital HVACs, and even some vacuums. If you have people in your home who are sensitive to dander, pet hair or other allergens like dust mites, consider a vacuum with an upgraded filtration system and HEPA filter. They can be a bit more expensive than other models, but the investment in your health and comfort is worth it.

Loads of Accessories

A mid-range model specifically designed with animal lovers in mind. Includes an anti-clog roller and hair focused tools: a high-powered brush for especially sticky situations and a lit-up crevice tool for crannies. Bissell

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Have you ever spent a half hour painstakingly taking apart the roller brush on your vacuum so you can cut away long pet (and people) hairs? If you hate this chore as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that some vacuum brands are now including tangle-free rollers in their products. They work differently from brand to brand, but some include an extra “comb” that brushes the hairs from the roller so they can get sucked into the dust bin. Others have specially engineered bristles that resist tangles.

No Bells or Whistles

A solid pick from a well-loved brand. It’s not as slim or light as the stick variety, but we’re fans of the oversized dirt-collection bin—fewer trips back and forth to the trash can to empty it. Shark

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One drawback of some cordless machines is their skinny dust bins. Small dirt-catchers are great for slimming down a vacuum’s profile and making it lighter to carry, but the tradeoff is that the bin fills up faster and may need to be dumped mid-job. If extending your uninterrupted cleaning time is more important than how much your vacuum weighs, consider one with a larger-than-average dust cup.

Hygienic Bin Emptying

This already lightweight model converts into a little handheld perfect for use on furniture, car upholstery and stairs. Battery life isn’t as long as other models, so it’s best for quick jobs. Dyson

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Pets get hair and other messes on…everything, not just your floors. So you may want to consider a convertible vac that can quickly transform into a handheld. Most stick vacuums are already somewhat lightweight, but anyone who has tried to hoist one up onto a couch cushion knows how unwieldy that can be. Convertible cordless—and corded—vacs are fairly common these days, so luckily you will have plenty of options to choose from if you go this route.

Also Consider

Beast Mode

A cheaper model is likely not going to be as powerful—or durable—as a pricier one. But if you’re on a budget and need a pet hair solution ASAP, consider this one. It does have the all-important motorized floor brush for rugs and carpets, and even a HEPA filter for dust and allergens. MOOSOO M

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