How to Choose Your Best Grill Cover

A good grill cover will make your outdoor grill last longer and save you money in the long run.

People love to grill, and families love the delicious meat and vegetables that outdoor grilling has to offer. Unfortunately, too many people are forced to get a new grill more often than they should because they don’t protect the grill from the elements, whether on the porch, patio or deck. A good grill cover can help you enjoy your grill for many more years than if you didn’t use one. For best results, however, you need a good-quality cover that fits right and is easy to snug up for maximum protection.

Concealed Vents

Vinyl-coated material repels weather and is tear-resistant, so it can stay on year-round. Unicook


You can just toss an old trash bag or tarp over your grill and protect it from the elements to some extent. But it won’t keep your grill as well protected as a cover will, and it won’t look nearly as good on your porch or patio. Since it will undergo many different weather extremes, choose a waterproof grill cover made of thick, sturdy material that won’t tear the first time you put it on or remove it from your grill. Models with few seams often last longer, as seams are where many begin to tear first, leaving your grill unprotected from leaks. Note that you can go too far and get a cover that is so heavy and thick that it is much harder to take off and put on your grill. If it’s not a simple task, it’s likely you won’t do it. So, make sure whatever sturdy cover you get is also supple enough and light enough to use without a lot of extra work.

Padded Handles and Straps

This product comes in five combinations of lengths and widths to fit options sold by many different manufacturers. VicTsing


The size of a grill cover is very important when making a purchase. If you see a cover that says, “one size fits all,” it probably won’t fit any grill very well. A poorly fit cover won’t protect your grill as well as one that is snug. Some grill companies make covers that are model specific, meaning they are made to fit perfectly on a certain model of grill. This makes buying easy. However, these are typically a little more expensive, and other companies make grill covers in a variety of sizes to fit many different grills. Before you can find the perfect one, however, you need to get out the tape measure. It’s important to know the height, width, depth, and how high off the ground the bottom of the grill sits. You also need to be aware of any handles or chimneys on your grill that a cover needs to accommodate. The shape is also important. Fortunately, manufacturers make covers for grills of all shapes and sizes.

Easy to Put On

An elastic hem cord with toggles adjusts for a tight, custom fit. Classic Accessories


Some grill cover manufacturers provide additional features on their covers that make them more user friendly. Elastic cords with tie downs is a good example. These allow you to strap your grill cover on securely, ensuring your grill is protected even if a storm moves through and blows other things away on your deck. Some covers have elastic around the bottom to squeeze the cover at the base of the grill, holding it in place. Other companies use heavy-duty material that will hold up to standing water on the last six inches or so of the cover since heavy rains might produce a situation calling for that. Some companies also make grills with vents to allow a little air flow, which is good in very warm weather. However, the vents need to be located where they don’t let moisture onto your grill, or they defeat the purpose of having a cover.