Three Ways to Practice Yoga, Pilates, or Gymnastics at Home

An inflatable or high-density foam mat is perfect for routines that require room to flex and move.

Parents who enroll their children in gymnastics or cheerleading hoping to burn off some excess energy often find that their youthful exuberance remains in never-ending supply at home, in the yard, and even inside the house. Short of padding some walls to keep both your Olympic hopefuls and the antique china safe, maybe a home tumbling mat is in order. These oversized runways are specifically designed to absorb those round-offs, cartwheels, backflips, and other maneuvers that are best performed with the aid of a padded surface. An inflatable or foam “spotter” gives parents some peace of mind and youngsters a space to practice with confidence. Here are three ways to use them.


Inflatable mats are ideal if you don’t have a lot of storage space. AKSPORT

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Inflatable air tracks are an excellent way to turn your backyard or basement into a gym. These mats are firm enough to serve as landing zone for running maneuvers but soft enough to cushion when those moves fall short. Because the mats are inflatable, storing them when not in use is easy.


Mats with long runways are terrific if your child is practicing a floor routine. EZ GLAM

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Organized cheerleading usually incorporates some sort of tumbling, whether that’s a classic somersault, multi-person pyramids, or risky tosses. Inflatable mats intended for gymnastics are ideal for safely working out these more ambitious routines.

Stretching and Meditation

High-density foam mats can also act as backstops for kid’s games or offer a soft place to practice Yoga or Pilates. BalanceFrom

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Tumbling mats are not only for kids. Anyone who maintains an indoor exercise regimen can benefit from a tri-fold foam mat. They can make a reliable backstop for the kid’s fortieth cartwheel of the afternoon, and then serve as a soft place for Mom to unwind with some yoga or meditation after their little dynamo has safely made it through anothe