Buying a massage chair may seem like an indulgence, but the truth is it can provide significant benefits for your physical and mental health. Having a dedicated place that relieves tension can offer a welcome escape and diversion from the psychological strains of everyday life—and who couldn’t use that?

Streamlined Design

This some-assembly-required model features cushioned seating, a double-padded backrest, nine different intensity levels and a storage pouch to stow magazines, a good book or anything else you need to complete your relaxation journey. Best Choice Products

Before buying a massage chair, consider all the things you would when purchasing regular seating: Do you prefer an all-in-one recliner, or a style that comes with an ottoman? Do you like the feeling of zero gravity, or would you prefer to stay more grounded? Not all massagers are created equal, so figure out what you like before you buy.


If your idea of the good life is you and a friend parked in front of the TV à la Chandler and Joey in Friends, look no further: This waterproof push-back style assembles fast and comes in seven different colors—and it has a cup holder so you won’t have to make trips to the fridge. BestMassage

When looking at a massager, make sure to check the weight limit and chair dimensions, which can vary. Additionally, consider the height and weight of anyone who’ll be using the device so you don’t end up with one that’s too small.

This machine has multiple customizable options to create your ideal experience, and the whole thing can rotate to put your feet above your head to relieve pressure on your vertebrae. OOTORI

If the price tag of a massage chair gives you sticker shock, consider this: A massage-therapy appointment can easily cost a couple hundred bucks. If you’re someone who gets even a few massages a year, you might actually end up saving money by investing in a chair.