Bike Phone Mounts to Keep Your Phone Close on Rides

Enjoy the benefits of a bike-mounted phone—safely.

A bike mount can be extremely useful and even enhance safety, as long as you use it correctly. Listening to music while biking is rarely safe, and you should avoid messing around with your phone while cycling. That out of the way, there are lots of reasons to prop your phone on your handlebars.

Goes with Everything

This one attaches to a wide range of handlebars. GUB

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For competitive cyclists—even if you’re only competing against your own best time—there are many trackers and timers designed for bikes. But a phone is actually more powerful than these devices, and you probably have one already. Mount your phone on your bike and you’ll be able to compete and track your every mile.

Power Connection

Made from a strong, but soft material to keep your device safe and secure while riding. Bovon

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Another great reason to invest in a smartphone mount for a bike is for directions. This is especially important for bike commuters, who may have to adjust routes, take detours for errands or fun and generally need to know where to go. Having a mount for a phone allows for easy, hands-free checking of routes.

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The most important thing to consider with a bike mount is, of course, how securely it keeps your phone in place. It’s dangerous to have your phone bouncing around, because that motion makes it harder to see, but there’s also always the possibility of hitting a pothole and finding your phone launched ten feet away. Make sure your bike phone mount keeps your phone as tightly in one spot as possible.