If you’ve ever wanted to grow your hair or strengthen your nails, chances are good someone suggested that you take biotin. This supplement is touted aiding with stronger fingernails and toenails, and helping hair follicles grow and become more healthy, but there are other reasons why you should think about taking this supplement, like its ability to help metabolize fatty acids, and make sure your nervous system is functioning normally.

Hair and Nail Health

Biotin is a form of vitamin B known to help with hair and nail growth. PURE RESEARCH

If you are vitamin B deficient, biotin can help, and the first place you’re going to see the results will be in the strengthening of your nails and your hair follicles. Though this is more dramatically the case for people who have a severe biotin deficiency, there are many cases where people saw smaller amounts of growth in hair and nails after adding this supplement to their regimen.


Biotin helps metabolize your blood sugar, along with fatty acids and amino acids. Nature’s Bounty

What do we mean by “metabolism?” In short, this means that taking biotin will help turn the carbs, protein, and fats you consume every day in your meals into energy you need to keep on going, much like the Energizer Bunny. Biotin is in foods, but if you likely aren’t getting enough from your diet. Taking this water-soluble supplement daily will help your body convert what you put in, to what you can put out in terms of energy.

Nervous System

Biotin can help keep your nervous system running in tip-top shape. Vitafusion

Biotin and other B complex vitamins are great for keeping your nervous system working as it should by helping nerve signals properly tell your body and brain what to do, and vice versa, along with other parts of your body.